9-year-old Rape Victim Gives Birth to a Child is 12 or 13, Authorities says

Authorities said that the 9-year-old rape victim who gives birth to a child is actually 12 or 13. teen momThis is to clarify the initial age declared by her parents which is 9. This Mexican girl girl gives birth to a healthy daughter last January 23, 2012.

The girl identified only as Dafne has been reported to be a rape victim by his own stepfather who also impregnated her. The 44-year old suspect is now in jail after admitting the crime. He also confessed to have raped the child twice last year during the months of April and June.

The rape victim gives birth via C-section operation carried out at Zoquipan Hospital where quarter of it’s births are delivered by a teenage mom. According to doctors who handled the operation the girl’s body was not yet ready to deliver a child that is why they choose to operate. The also implanted a contraceptive device to the girl to prevent more unwanted pregnancy.

According the girl’s mother she just discovered that her young daughter was pregnant last November 2012. She was also unaware that her husband was abusing the child. This news come as shock to everyone. Girls at this age should be playing and enjoying life not taking care of babies.

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