New Jersey Father Kills 2 Year Old Daughter over Demon Possesion

Father and DaughterA father claimed to be possessed by demon killed his two year old daughter.

Local police in Madrid received a call reporting a horrifying crime. When they have responded they found a two year old child decapitated. The suspect of the crime is no other than her 34 year old father.

The father identified as Marcelo R. O. claimed that he was possessed by a demon when he did the crime.

An older sister of the victim witnessed the whole crime and told local police that her father took a knife and cuts her two year old sister’s head off. The mother of the children were not around when it happened. It was the suspect who called the police to report the crime that he did. Local law restricts giving out identification of the victims.

4 thoughts on “New Jersey Father Kills 2 Year Old Daughter over Demon Possesion

  1. guy21

    This is a sick Father, he should be prosecuted for parricide!
    He is not to be near any child, parents are the one’s to uphold child protection but n this case it’s the father who made child abuse.

    1. suree

      I think he should be sentenced to death too. It’s really disturbing to hear this news. Upon hearing a father killing a 2-year-old daughter that just creep me out. I can already sense the demon that is with him.

  2. lady41

    That is horrible story, demon possession is not an excuse to kill a child. This person must be crazy. He must be a mental facility. Poor child she has to die early.

  3. rico

    This person is not human at all, much more of a father or parent. He is a monster that needs to be locked up behind bars so he would not hurt anyone else. It’s not sane to behead a 2 year old girls over nothing.

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