Is Apple TV Worth It?

Apple TV has been on the market for quite sometime, but still it’s not your everyday home or office entertainment device. Now before you jump and buy your own device you may want to ask yourself  is Apple TV worth it?

To answer the question, my answer would be both yes and no. I would say yes it’s worth it if you are really using that much, and it will be practically right not to have it when you are not using it.

This device can be bought in market for $99. So when asked with question is Apple TV Worth it, budget wise I would quantify the answer by asking how much you spend on your cable TV subscription. You are probably spending around $80 per month, and you can cut this cost and just get a home internet service.

Your Apple TV will stream your HD movies and favorite TV shows from Netflix, CNN, MLB TV, NBA TV, and even YOuTube and many other the same online provider that would allow it. You can also stream your video, music and even images from your iPhone, MacBooks and PC to your TV set with the use Apple TV. For music enthusiats you can listen to your favorite music with the use of Pandora App and buy songs from iTunes. All of these can be done with your Apple TV.

You can do the streaming with your home WiFi or via cable ethernet connection. If all of the above mentioned facts feels okay to you, then you can answer your question is Apple TV Worth it.? And I would not be surprise if  its a big yes. This can be a great device for an actual user.

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