Majestic Snowy White Owls Migrated to Idaho from Disturbed Arctic Habitat

We don’t see owls every day, because they are nocturnal animals. They seem to look spooky even if the look white as snow just like these amazing flocks of snowy Owls from Arctic that have been sighted Idaho thousands of miles away from out of their breeding grounds. Bird migration is when these migratory animals flew from one place to another looking for something to eat or for some tolerable weather condition. The Owl Research Institute in Montana says, it’s unbelievable to see because it’s the most significant wildlife event in decades.

Because of this once in a lifetime event, many tourists crowded the parks and wildlife areas just to see these majestic white owl which can grow up to two feet tall and with a wingspan of five feet. But sad to say, that because of climate change which made the vegetation like the grass which they feed on to withers. Others birds just dropped dead due to starvation and lack of sustainable habitat for them all and others that landed in airports were shot and killed to avoid collision with planes. This made the snowy owls grew smaller and smaller in numbers.

One thought on “Majestic Snowy White Owls Migrated to Idaho from Disturbed Arctic Habitat

  1. TheHook

    What a pity for those amazing owls who died because of lack of food. Hope that the Owl Research Institute will find a solution to this problem.People must join hand in hand to plant more trees, to prepare and help those birds from experiencing starvation and on migration. God cares for all His creatures, so why not take care of them too?

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