Stanford Student Table Jump Fail – Terribly Wrong

What was supposed to look like a jumping scheme to impress his colleagues, proved an incredibly painful experience for a student at Stanford University, U.S.

Trying to jump on a table located in the lobby of the institution, the student has become unbalanced and hit his back against the table leg.

He arrived at the hospital emergency, in critical condition but lucky for him, it was only a tiny chance which separated him from having a fractured spine.

Hopefully his unlucky experience will be a wake up call to all other amateurs to think twice about what can follow after making stupid gestures like this.

3 thoughts on “Stanford Student Table Jump Fail – Terribly Wrong

    1. jerry

      The kid was alright, he was brought to a hospital and was okay.
      It’s so amazing that someone was taking a video of the incident. I just hope that this video will serve as a lesson for everyone to behave accordingly else you will also fail or may hurt yourselves.

  1. gerry

    It’s another funny fail video. So much fail for today. I am not surprise that these stupid people would do such ignorant things. These can hurt you a lot. It’s something that we should take our kids away from.

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